Archiving Policy

1. Introduction

This Archiving Policy outlines the procedures for preserving and ensuring long-term access to the published content of the "Journal of Emerging Technology and Digital Transformation" (JETDT). Recognizing the importance of scholarly research and the potential for digital obsolescence, JETDT is committed to safeguarding its content for the benefit of future generations.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all published content in JETDT, including peer-reviewed articles, editorials, book reviews, and other scholarly materials. It covers both the online and print versions of the journal.

3. Archiving Formats

JETDT will archive its content in multiple formats to ensure redundancy and mitigate the risk of data loss. This includes:

  • Online: The full-text of all articles will be deposited in a secure, institutional repository with long-term preservation capabilities. Additionally, the journal's website will be continuously archived through web archiving services.
  • Print: A physical archive of all printed issues will be maintained for historical purposes.

4. Archiving Schedule

  • All published content will be deposited in the institutional repository immediately upon publication.
  • The journal's website will be archived at least once annually, with more frequent archiving depending on website updates.
  • Print issues will be archived upon publication.

5. Access

  • The online version of JETDT is currently open access, allowing free access to all readers worldwide. This access will be maintained in the institutional repository.
  • Print archives may be subject to access restrictions based on institutional policies.